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Mission Mobilizing and empowering Muslims to build resilience
against violent extremism and foster good
relationship with people of other faiths
as per the teachings of Islam
BRAVE, (Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism) is a Muslim-led intra-faith movement initiated to bring Muslims together to speak out, and act against violent extremism and terrorism. BRAVE works to address mis-use of religion for violent extremist ends. It focuses on actions to prevent recruitment, legitimation of extremist ideologies and intimidation by extremist groups. The BRAVE Movement fosters relationships with people of other faiths as taught by Islam. BRAVE’s main focus is on the pull factors; ideology, narratives and counter-narratives.

Safe and just communities in which Muslims effectively contribute in the promotion of peaceful and harmonious coexistence

BRAVE’s Main Goal
Generate and sustain informed public debate, dialogue and conversations that deny space for, rejects and repudiates violent extremism and terrorism in Kenya
  • Develop a holistic counter-narrative framework to address violent extremists’ alleged religious foundations
  • Develop and implement a set of ideological push-back actions on physical and virtual platforms to reclaim, take charge of, and control advantages of information asymmetries from violent extremist groups
  • Revitalize, re-invigorate and empower Muslim and Islamic institutions, platforms to better and more effectively respond to increasing violent extremism
  • Engage the religious-others, opinion and other leaders to correct misconceptions, deflect the narrative-flow, and reactive effect from aggrieved religious-other targeted by violent extremists
  • Engender and deepen stakeholder-ship to the country by increasing cohesion and the sense of belonging in Kenya as a way of countering external forces and influences of radicalization into violent extremism
Brave Committees
Brave Advisory Committee
Brave Reference Committee
Brave Steering Committee
Building Resillience Aganist Violent Extremism